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Special Ways to Remember Your Deceased Pet

Have you or someone close to you ever lost a pet? How did you cope with the loss? Pets are an essential part of their owners’ lives, and it cannot be difficult to cope with their passing. Like losing a loved one, losing a pet can alter a person’s life, and it would take some time to get over the grief and get used to being without the pet.

When you lose your pet

It is essential to know that grieving is normal. Many pet owners form strong bonds and relationships with their pets, such that dealing with the loss may be very difficult for them.

When your friend or loved one loses a pet

They may not know how to handle the loss of their pet and, as such, won't be able to grieve appropriately. You can offer a hand of comfort and even give them some keepsakes to remember their pets.

Ways to honor your beloved pets

Different ways to place a pet after it’s gone include:

Customized dog/cat clay paw print

This keepsake features the paw print of your pet etched in clay and left to set. It also includes your pet's name and a hole for hanging so that you can never forget your pet every time you look at it. You could have it mounted on your living room walls or your pet’s favorite place in your home.

Customized foam paw print

This features the paw of your pet carved into the foam. Depending on the design you want, you may also add your pet's name and a picture. You can place it on your mantel or anywhere you'd like it to be in your home.

Ink print

The ink print usually features an original paw ink print and a copy over which a poem or tribute to your pet can be written. You could frame this and hang it somewhere in your home so that you and your family always have something to remember your pet by.

Customized cartoon photo

You could also opt for more creative keepsakes like cartoon photos of your pet. It could either be a drawing or an edited photograph of your pet. This can be framed and hung somewhere in your home or placed on your mantel.

Ink nose print

Sometimes, all you need to remember someone or something special are little bits about them, and that's precisely what a nose print is. It also features an original ink print of your pet’s nose and a copied print for a poem or tribute to your pet.

Although keepsakes won’t replace your pets, they are means to remember them and help you walk through the grief. It also symbolizes the love, trust, and bond built with your pet during their life with you. Reach out to us today for beautiful and thoughtful memorial keepsakes.


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