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Compassion and dignity for your pet’s aftercare needs

We are committed to providing the best possible care for our clients. We know you have many questions about "What happens now?" 

Frequently asked questions

How do I choose a pet crematory?

We strictly adhere to the standards and the terminology of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories (IAOPCC) so your trust can be safely placed with us. Our facility has an open-door policy so you are welcome to visit our facility even without a prior appointment. If you would like a complete tour, our care coordinators will be honored to walk you through our facility. Please view these standards that we are proud to uphold as a member of the IAOPCC.

What is the difference between a private cremation and individual cremations?

A private cremation means that there is only one pet in the cremation chamber and the cremated remains are returned to the client. A private cremation may include viewing of the cremation by the client during what we call an attended or witnessed cremation. Individual cremations means that there are several pets in the cremation chamber at one time. These cremations are separated by trays, refractory bricks or space. Many people are led to believe that individual cremations are the same as a private cremation and this is not true.

What happens to my pet if I choose communal cremation?

Communal cremation is a choice some pet parents choose when burial is not an option but yet it is not their wish to receive the cremated remains back either. This is a way pet parents can rest assured that their beloved pet will still be cared for respectfully and their ashes will be scattered with other pets.

How can I be sure my pet is being returned to me?

Our tracking system gives complete assurance that your pet can be traced through every step of the cremation process. First, proper identification is established before a pet is removed from a home, clinic or pet hospital. Secondly, a paper identification tag with your name as well as your pet’s name is placed with your pet and stays close to your pet at all times being placed outside the cremation unit during the cremation process. Thirdly, a numbered metal tag will accompany your pet through the entire cremation process and will not be destroyed during the cremation so it can be found among the cremated remains if you wish to check for yourself. Questioning a pet crematory about their identification policy is important in all situations whether you utilize your veterinarian or work directly with a cremation facility. We provide an unprecedented level of transparency regarding all of our operations, procedures, and policies, which ultimately allows us to give you comfort and assurance during such a difficult time. Additional reassurance that your veterinarian will contact us to provide your pet’s cremation can be accomplished with this paper document. Please click on the following link, print out the form and give this completed form to your veterinarian at the appropriate time. We will be honored to follow-up with your veterinarian for your aftercare wishes. Crematory Authorization Form

Can I visit with my pet prior to cremation?

Yes, but we will need to know that the cremation experience needs to be delayed. A comfort room is available for family members that need additional closure or goodbye time, especially if they were not present at the time of death. This can be a comfortable, quiet place where you can say your very last goodbyes and feel resolved in your decision about choosing us to help with your pet's aftercare needs.

Can I attend or witness the cremation?

Absolutely, we have a viewing room specifically for individuals or families who wish to attend the cremation. This room helps offer comfort, closure and privacy regarding your pet’s cremation.

When will my pet be returned to me?

Often private cremations can be returned to our clients on the same or next day of the death. Other times private cremations may be returned within a few days and certainly less than a week. Rest assured, as soon as your pet is ready to return home we will give you a phone call to let you know.

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We adhere to the highest standards and ethics of pet aftercare.  We are accredited by The International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories.

We so appreciate your gentle, quiet, strong, professional way. Thank you for handling Cricket with dignity.

-- Bob and Val Ickes, Grand Junction, CO

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