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About Our Senior Pet Mobile Veterinarian

After practicing general veterinary medicine for 15 years, Dr. Denice Norton became aware of the need for a more personal, compassionate, gentle and peaceful way to help pets in their senior and end-of-life stages. So, in 2014 she left general veterinary practice and joined the IAAHPC (International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care) so she could begin offering mobile veterinary services. Now, in-home pet euthanasia services are available to families in Western Colorado. The community has embraced this endeavor and has really been thankful for the option this service provides. 


In 2019, River Valley Gateway expanded their senior pet services by opening a comfort center associated with the first accredited pet crematory in Colorado. Now, when appropriate, clients can schedule a euthanasia away from their house but still have the feeling of home. 

Also, at this location, River Valley Gateway operates their IAOPCC (International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories) accredited pet crematorium. Their crematory is open to the public. Pets entrusted to their care are treated respectfully and wishes of the family for their pet aftercare arrangements are respected too.

A Very Personal Story - The Norton Family

The Norton’s are heavy-hearted this morning. We said goodbye to a family member during the night. Allie was our beloved dog for 15 years and always such a good girl. She loved every one of us, including the cats. She particularly loved Papa Ron because he gave her so many treats. Other than sneaking a nap on the couch when she could, the only other time I can think of her misbehaving was when she managed to get outside the fence. She would break free and run joyously through all the neighbors’ yards. As she got older, however, when she escaped, she would simply run straight to Dwight and Wendy’s house. She loved them too and often stayed with them while we were away. After her joyful escapes, she always came back home but was never repentant. She clearly enjoyed her little jaunts. We are so grateful for her and every memory she provides. Run as you wish and rest in peace sweet girl, we have left the GATE open just for you…

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