In-Home Pet Euthanasia with Aftercare

How to Know When it's Time to Put Your Pet Down

Poor quality of life becomes a measurement by which we determine it is no longer beneficial for us to foster life in our beloved pet. We can understand this logic but when we are faced with the ultimate decision ourselves, we often become confused and question our own reasoning.

If you find yourself with more questions than resolve please refer to our FAQs section

The following list is a brief summary of what can be expected when choosing to have us care for your pet in his or her final minutes.

  • Sedation prior to euthanasia

  • Gentle, painless euthanasia

  • Aftercare arrangements for burial or cremation

  • Reassurance that your pet's body aftercare is handled with integrity and honesty

    • there is a difference between a private cremation and individual cremations so if your wishes are for a private cremation where no other pet is cremated at the same time, please make this known to your veterinarian

    • true private cremations makes us different from many other pet crematories​

  • Customized pet memorial ceremony

    • wishes of the pet parent and family members, recommendations by our grief companioning team or both

    • please know that we stand by the IAAHPC (International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care) guidelines and will respect, honor, and refrain from judgment when your wishes are made known to us, please feel free to make requests.

  • Follow-up grief companioning offered by way of a pet loss support group

    • sign-up is required, please call the office for the place, time and date of our next pet loss support group meeting 

We are so thankful that my granddaughter told us about you. Saying goodbye here at home was special to us. Thank you.

-- Thomas Family, Whitewater, CO

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