In-Home Pet Consultation

What if you are not sure it’s time to say goodbye to your pet? Is aggressive pain management, supportive care or comfort care measures appropriate? Do you need a second or third opinion about treatment?

Pet Euthanasia: How Will I Know it is Time?

If you are unsure about a decision to euthanize your pet and would like a professional opinion in your home environment call for our in-home veterinarian consultation. We can be a gateway of communication between you and your regular veterinarian so the best choices can be made on behalf of your pet. There will be times when we will encourage you to continue seeking the attention of your regular veterinarian as they will be more equipped to offer diagnostics and treatment plans. 


Occasionally, when River Valley Gateway is able to give a pet parent compassionate support, a second opinion of their pet’s quality of life, and the permission to make the decision to say goodbye, a consultation can evolve into a decision to euthanize. In this case, we will be ready to walk you through the euthanasia experience immediately, later the same day or on a different day depending on circumstances and what is in the family’s best interest.


As this experience carries negative connotations, we strive to make it beautiful. If we believe we could offer your pet more comfort, we may recommend our pet hospice program. This consultation visit can often offer more choices and give the family relief from the unknown or help the family simply understand more.

In-Home Veterinary Visits

We are available for in-home visiting Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, evening and weekend visits by request. There may be times we are unavailable only because of other scheduled visits or emergency situations. If we are unable to answer your call right away, please know we care and will call you back as soon as possible.

The more advanced notice we are given, the easier it is to schedule in your request. However, we recognize that in some situations this is not always possible so we will do our best to accommodate your pet’s immediate needs.

For cases of medical emergencies that do not require hospice care or euthanasia services and appointments for general veterinary services, please contact one of the veterinary clinics in your area or the Veterinary Emergency Center.

If you are inquiring about our euthanasia services or other in-home services, please complete our Patient Care Request Form.

“The value of the services received far outweighed the price I paid and it was also very affordable.”

~Denise Suits, Battlement Mesa, CO

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