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Tips for Creating a Bucket List for Your Pet

With your furry friend in their final days, whether due to the advancement of age or a serious health condition, creating a bucket list may understandably be furthest from your thoughts.

Still, the inevitability of death should not prevent you from thinking up creative ways to make beautiful memories with your beloved pet. After all, the only time you have is the present.

Things to consider when creating a bucket list for your pet

The primary things to consider when setting up your pet’s  bucket list are:

Physical limitations

You must plan the activities with your pet’s physical limitations in mind. Senior pets tend to be less aggressive and active than younger pets, which is something you have to consider.

Assess your pet’s physical condition, such as the strength of their limbs and any existing cardiovascular issues. For instance, if they have bowel issues, you may find a way to keep them from the most strenuous activities to avoid having them become nauseous.


The breed of your pet, to a large extent, determines their physical capacity to engage in certain activities in their senior years. 

For instance, a senior Shi Tzu will struggle through lengthy walks through parks. Also, a Whippet will struggle outdoors in the winter, while a Chinese Shar-Pei will suffer when asked to go on long walks on a scorching summer day.

What does your pet enjoy?

Your pet’s personal preferences also matter. While you may be tempted to add completely new activities for your own delight, remember that the bucket list you’re creating is primarily for your pet.

So, consider what they like, such as whether they’re comfortable around strangers or like toys or special treats. Afterward, run your bucket list by a vet for approval. 

Bring a camera!

Don’t forget to document these memories, as you can have them as keepsakes that will bring fond and loving smiles to your face long after your furry friend has passed!

What activities should be on your pet bucket list?

Here are some activities that you can include:

  • Search your area for a pet-friendly restaurant, and spend an afternoon enjoying a meal with your furry friend on the patio

  • Take a nap together

  • Reconnect with your pet’s littermates 

  • Allow your pet to swim in your pool

  • If you have a dog, take it out on a "sniff trip" to a new location, giving them ample time to explore and sniff

  • Plan a hike at a park

  • Spend some time teaching your pet new tricks

  • Snuggle together on the couch for an afternoon

Make every minute with your pet worthwhile

Death is inevitable, and at some point, your pet will pass on. Still, this is no reason not to create memories with your furry friend.

Our specialists at River Valley Gateway can help you with great ideas on making every minute spent with your pet worthwhile. We also offer in-home euthanasia and cremation services for when the inevitable happens. Give us a call today.


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