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Compassionate Veterinarians in Grand Junction, CO

Are you searching for experienced veterinarians in Grand Junction, CO? At River Valley Gateway in Grand Junction, CO, our veterinarians provide the highest level of care to your pets. From in-home visits to pet hospice care, pain management, humane euthanasia, and more, we are committed to serving your pets' needs. We treat your pet with compassion every step of the way. With years of experience in the veterinary field, our veterinarians have treated many illnesses and diseases and provide comprehensive treatment. Our mission is to provide quality care to pets in the Grand Junction region. Contact River Valley Gateway in Grand Junction, CO, to make an appointment with our veterinarians. 

River Valley Gateway Services

At River Valley Gateway, our veterinarians offer a wide range of services to assist your pet and help them live comfortably. River Valley Gateway has over 30 years of experience working with animals and is committed to providing quality care when your pets need it most. Below, we break down a few of the services we provide. 


At River Valley Gateway, we provide hospice services. River Valley Gateway offers three comfort care levels, so your pet is not in pain or suffering. Level one is palliative care, level 2 is early hospice care, and level 3 is advanced hospice care. We will work with your primary veterinary hospital in obtaining recent diagnostic tests to help complete an individualized plan for your pet so that they can be comfortable. Pet hospice care is a unique approach to their end-of-life needs focusing on the pet's comfort rather than finding a cure for their disease. Our staff is dedicated to providing compassionate hospice services. 

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Pet pain management

It can be challenging to watch your pet have continuing pain. Pets are apart of the family, and our veterinarians work to find a pet pain management regimen that fits your pet's specific needs. Over time, pets can have discomfort in their joints and other areas of the body. As a certified hospice and palliative care veterinarian, Dr. Norton has additional pain pet management training above and beyond what general veterinarians are taught. We can treat pain differently, and we often try various combinations of efforts until we get the right one for your pet. We may recommend oral medications, physical modalities such as acupuncture or chiropractic manipulations, herbal supplements, CBD oil, nutritional supplements, and even more. Each pet is unique, and we offer individualized care. 


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