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dental work for dogs and cats Colorado

Senior Pet Dentistry

Just because our pets get older doesn’t mean they shouldn’t receive complete care! We don’t want to skip steps for our older patients but give them complete, vigilant, appropriate care understanding their fragility. Your pet’s oral health is extremely important to us and we are committed to your senior pet’s dental care needs. 

What is Dental Disease in Pets?

Dental disease is a silent process that may cause other illnesses and cause your pet to have higher health risks such as heart, liver and kidney disease. Poor dental hygiene translates to a reduced quality of life for your pet and we aim to help prevent this by improving quality of life with complete dental care!


Do you know that the most common reason pets “act old” is because of pain from dental disease? Let’s keep your pet acting his or her age, call for a consultation or dental check-up. 


Pet Dental Facts:

  • Most dogs and cats over the age of five have at least one painful tooth in their mouth.

  • Approximately 70% of dogs and cats are in need of some level of dental care.

  • Approximately 80% of dogs and cats over five years of age have periodontal disease and this is the most common medical condition diagnosed.

  • It is also true that 75% of oral radiography cases reveal disease not visible to the eye.

We recommend visiting The Veterinary Oral Health Council’s website for information about products recommended to help with dental hygiene. 

If you need a product that requires a veterinary script please contact us for help with this process.

NADS or anesthesia-free pet dentals


We do not believe NADS (non-anesthetic dental scalings), often referred to as anesthesia-free pet dentals, are beneficial to any pet.


Can you imagine letting a stranger hold down your pet while another stranger scrapes a metal object over their teeth and possibly painful teeth?!


We can’t even imagine recommending this when most clients tell us their own pet won’t even let them LOOK inside their mouth. Nope, nothing we would ever recommend! As a matter of fact, this can do more harm than good as it’s not only a bad experience for the pet but the metal scalers used to do this on a moving pet causes pitting of the enamel allowing more hiding places for bacteria and more areas for the build-up of plaque.

I really didn't know what a difference taking care of her teeth would make until afterward and then I wished I had done it sooner! Her mouth had been bad for so long. Thank you for getting rid of my old girl's dental pain. 

-- Smith Family, Grand Junction, CO

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