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Why You Should Pre-Plan Your Pet's Cremation

Do you have a pet that's gravely sick or close to the end of its life? As hard as it is to accept, it is much better to plan when it comes to such delicate matters. Even if your pet is in great shape and in good health, it is highly recommended that you plan for the future as things may happen and can catch you unprepared or off guard. We will be discussing the benefits you enjoy when you pre-plan your pet's cremation.

Choosing the cremation facility

When you plan ahead of time, you can decide what cremation facility to take your pets to when they eventually pass away. You get to choose your preferred facility from a wide range of options that are available to you.

You get access to transportation

After you have chosen the cremation facility, most facilities offer to transport your pet from your home to the facility for cremation. That is, they come to pick your pet up for the cremation.

You can hold a service

You can hold a service in honor of your pet, and your choice of facility can organize activities explicitly tailored to what you and your pet love doing. Holding a service in honor of your pet can involve you inviting some friends and family to share some fond memories they've had with your pet.

Deciding on your next steps

You get to decide what to do with your pet’s ashes after cremation and funeral. If you prefer to keep the ashes, you get a unique urn for your home where they can be kept safely. Although if you decide that the ashes be buried with unique markings on the gravestone, it can also be arranged.

Focusing on your grief

Losing a pet is never easy. When it happens, you will be overwhelmed with sadness and too emotional to decide anything else, especially if the death was sudden and unexpected. Making any decision at that moment about what to do with your companion's body will be almost impossible, and you may make decisions you may later regret or be unhappy with. Therefore, making plans in advance makes it easier for you to focus on mourning your beloved pet.

Reciprocate your furry companion’s unconditional love and attention by pre-planning today.

Your pet is more than just a pet- they give their love and attention unconditionally and have become a member of your family. By making preparations in advance, you can ensure that they receive the care and attention they deserve when they pass away.

Are you looking for a facility for your pet's cremation or planning for your pet's funeral? Look no further, as River Valley Gateway is here for you. We're all about ensuring that your pet's end-of-life period is as memorable for you as possible. We also offer a wide range of pre-cremation services, including home euthanasia. Contact us today.


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