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What You Might Experience After The Loss Of A Pet

It’s normal to grieve and feel a sense of loss when you lose a pet. Humans are built for companionship and sometimes we develop these bonds with our pets which makes it difficult to handle when we lose our pets. Here are some things you might experience after the loss of a pet.


Sadness is normally associated with a sense of loss, so it’s only normal that you feel sad when you lose your pet, especially if you’ve had a long time to bond with the pet. You should allow yourself to feel these emotions and express them. Don’t try to hold back and pretend you’re not sad. Cry if you need to and let all the sadness out.


When you lose a pet you’re really fond of, you might feel lonely and it’s like nobody understands what you’re feeling. Don’t wallow in loneliness, stay around people who love and care about you, preferably those who have also lost a pet because they would understand exactly how you feel and help you get out of it.

You could also talk to professionals about how you feel, in which case, you might prefer someone who’s experienced in pet loss situations.

Seeing your deceased pet around the house

After the death of a pet or even a loved one, it’s normal to see the deceased around the house in the places where they would usually be if they were alive. Sometimes, it’s so real that you feel you could reach out to touch your pet.

They’re memories that seem so real because you’re still struggling with the reality that your pet is gone.


As a pet owner, you are responsible for the total wellbeing of your pet and you might want to blame yourself for the death of your pet. You tend to think that things would have been different or your pet wouldn’t have died if you had done something or been at a certain place at a certain time.

You might even blame yourself for not taking your pet to the vet sooner, or not noticing how sick it was earlier. But it is important that you forgive yourself and understand that you might not have been able to change anything.

Sometimes the guilt creeps back in when you begin to heal and you feel bad that you’re moving on or that you’re happy. Embrace the happiness and move on because the more you heal, the less guilty you’ll feel.


It might be difficult to concentrate or focus on any given task with the truckload of emotions you’re going through. You might always find yourself lost in thoughts or memories. You must take some time off to collect your thoughts and emotions before getting back to your daily life.

Thinking about other losses

The loss of your pet might bring to your mind other losses you might have faced earlier, like the death of a loved one or even the loss of items that are really special to you. However, you can think of what helped you through those moments and apply them to your current situation.

The first step to healing is laying your departed pet to rest. At River Valley Gateway, we can give your pet a well-deserved, compassionate burial or cremation service. Our pet loss support group also ensures that no matter what you’re passing through, you’re never alone. Contact us today.


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