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What Should I Expect During My Euthanasia Appointment

Saying goodbye to the beloved pet you have spent so many years with is one of the hardest decisions for pet owners.

Suppose your pet is suffering from a disease or illness, or their quality of life has declined drastically. In that case, euthanasia is the best option to relieve their suffering. Here's what to expect during your euthanasia appointment.


The first thing that we do when we arrive at your home is to try and calm you down and dispel any fears you may have about the procedure.

The veterinarian will observe your pet, listen to you and gather any form of information that may help with the process.

While the procedure can take place anywhere in your home, you can decide to have it done in your pet's favorite room, on the grass, under a tree, and so on.

Memorializing your pet

We'll ask how you want to memorialize your pet and other questions before the consent document is signed.


Payments are usually made before euthanasia to allow everyone present to focus on saying their last goodbyes to their beloved pet.

To be present or not

We'll ask you if you want to be present for the process. If you think you'll feel uncomfortable during the procedure, you can leave the room before the actual euthanasia injection is given.


The veterinarian will give your pet the first injection for sedation. This will enable your pet to fall into a deep, pain-free sleep. Although your pet will still be breathing, they will no longer be aware of what's happening around them.

The veterinarian will try to assess the effectiveness of the sedation. Once your pet no longer responds, they are ready for the painless transition.

Final injection

At this point, you may want to step out of the room or stay; it all depends on how emotional you are. The second and final dose ushers in a peaceful and emotional time when your pet begins to lose consciousness till its breathing and heartbeat stop. The process is completely painless and lasts about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the pet's response. It's like passing away while they are asleep.

Time alone with your pet

After it is confirmed that your pet has passed away, you'll have the opportunity to spend some quiet time alone with your pet and say your final goodbye.

Other members of the family that didn't witness their passing can also come in and bid their beloved pet farewell.

Body aftercare

Depending on the arrangements made, we can leave your pet's body in your home for several hours to enable you to take your time to say goodbye. At the stated time, we'll return for cremation or burial.

You can choose to bury your pet in established pet cemeteries. We can also transport the body to our crematory for private, individual or communal cremation.

Post-euthanasia (remembering your pet)

After your pet has passed, you may want to immortalize them with memorial keepsakes. You can mold a clay paw or print or any form of indication that they were once with you.

At River Valley Gateway, we understand that the end-of-life journey of pets is emotional and sacred for families, and we're glad to be able to serve you during this difficult moment. Call us to book a home visit or get more information about our euthanasia procedure.


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