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Hospice Care for Dogs in Grand Junction, CO

Do you need the assistance of hospice veterinarians in Grand Junction, CO? If so, the team at River Valley Gateway is here to meet your pet's needs. It can be difficult to see your pet suffering, and we take every measure to ensure that your pet is comfortable and pain-free. River Valley Gateway offers three comfort care levels, so your pet is not in pain or suffering. Level one is palliative care, level 2 is early hospice care, and level 3 is advanced hospice care. We will work with your primary veterinary hospital in obtaining recent diagnostic tests to help complete an individualized plan for your pet so that they can be comfortable. Below, we break down the different levels of care. 

Individualized treatment plan

  • additional medications for pain control 

  • nutrition and fluid support 

  • assistance with mobility issues

  • wound care

  • daily enrichment ideas

  • in-home recheck exams 

  • follow-up phone calls

  • changes to treatment plans as necessary

Level One – Palliative care

The pet demonstrates specific care needs, with or without a life-limiting condition, and its trajectory for continued life is unknown.

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Level Two – Early hospice care

The pet has been diagnosed with a life-limiting condition but is expected to continue in life for at least two more months.

Level Three

The pet's condition is advanced to the point that death is expected within a matter of days to weeks.


We understand how overwhelming it can be, and we are dedicated to providing compassionate hospice care. Pet hospice care is a unique approach to their end-of-life needs focusing on the pet's comfort rather than finding a cure for their disease. Allow our experienced team to provide your pet with high-quality care from the comfort of their home. If you are searching for pet hospice care in Grand Junction, CO, contact River Valley Gateway today.


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