Premier Care for Senior Pets

In-Home, Mobile Veterinary Service

In-Home Pet Consultation

Consultations can determine next steps and give you professional guidance about quality of life not only for your pet but also for you as an individual or family. Lets meet to start building a relationship for the immediate future and beyond. We work to meet your needs and give guidance right where you are today in caring for your senior pet.

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Pet Hospice Care

Pet hospice care is a unique approach to their end-of-life needs focusing on the pet’s comfort rather than finding a cure for their disease. Additional pain relief or palliation may be necessary, so let us help you help your pet achieve more comfort. We offer 3 levels of comfort care.

Senior Pet Dental Care

We offer veterinary dental care complete with special senior anesthesia protocols, individualized attention and gentle handling. Your pet is begging you to give us a call today!

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Pet Pain Management

There are many options when treating pets for pain they are experiencing. We practice multimodal strategies often changing treatments and doses until we find the treatment that provides the greatest relief for your pet.

In-Home Pet Euthanasia

The following list is a brief summary of what can be expected when choosing to have us care for your pet in his or her final minutes.

  • Sedation prior to euthanasia

  • Gentle, painless euthanasia 

  • Cremation aftercare at our accredited crematory 

  • Paw print or nose print keepsake

  • Optional memorial ceremony 

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Accredited Pet Cremation Services

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We offer compassion and dignity for your pet’s aftercare needs. Our brand-new facility is state of the art and the reception area is set up as a funeral home for pets. In many cases, we can accommodate same-day service for

private cremations.

Attended or witnessed cremations can be requested. 

Our speciality is private cremations however we offer partitioned cremations, also known as individual cremations, as well as communal cremations.

Thank you for your kindness and professionalism in our time of grief. I appreciate you explaining every step we went through. It helped our 10-year-old daughter as well. As hard as it is losing our beloved pet you made it bearable.

-- Amber Patterson-Davis

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